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Your Physical Situations  Combating The Mental / Physical Stress Of Today


Attention Deficit Disorder ADD, ADHD, PMS, Hot Flashes, Anger, Parasites, High Blood Pressure. Environmental metal & Chemical Poisons, Bacteria Meningitis Analysis. Before (preventive care) BI-Pass Operations. After (special recovery care) BI-Pass Operations, Before (preventing care) of Stroke, After (special recovery care) having a Stroke. 

Your Mental Situations:    

Emotional Repression (special assessment & recovery care), Fear of Failure (special assessment & recovery care), Dealing with Stress at Home and at work, Refurbishing your Relationships (Old and New), Refurbishing Yourself (Executive Coaching) for your New Position respecting your own Ideas, Concepts and Opinions,  Maintaining Guidance & Assurance in your life,  Dealing with Goal setting abilities and your Sexuality, Dealing with Your communicability, Productivity and Performance.

Hey!!! Populous out there, there are some particular situations that we would like to address      because we think you might want to know: What is Handwriting, Graphology all about?,               What is Stress, Depression all about? Our Approach to Diagnose & Treatment of ADD, ADHD and BIPOLAR Symptoms and Conditions, Some facts about the Bully Situations, Is there (help)            and a life to live After a Suicide situation in our life?, So we quit our job, got a divorce or      separation, Lost a Friend or a Loved one, not What?, Some Reasons Why Man isnít all that he can be and How he can (jump start) his life and get there.              Micro, Mini Handwriting Analysis

 When is the last time you said HI to Yourself?   Everyone can About Me rested assured that Herbal treatment for Stress, Depression, Hot Flashes plus all of the above is already available 24/7! Please check out the amazing Herb (TRQ. -RH) with (other Herbs) that is doing wonders for ADD, ADHD and BIPOLAR conditions and symptoms.



Who We are :  The Staff includes professionals specializing in Graphology ( Handwriting Analysis), Court Document Examiner, Graphotherapy, Human Resource Counseling and Therapy, Herbology, Homeopathic Practitioners and Identification Cards Specialists.    SERVICES     Contact Us

CREATIVE TRAFFIC DIRECTORS (CTD) specializes in Counseling and Therapy for Preventive Workplace Violence, Pre-Marital/ Marital, divorce and substance Abuse. CTD assists organization with their regular Employee annual Reviews with our (Extended Employee Annual Review), Individual, confidential In-depth Assessment and a Follow-Up Consultation session...with Personality Reconstruction and Early Detection, Prevention and Treatment of ADD, ADHD, BIPOLAR and Tourette Symptoms.

        **** Company, Groups Lectures Upon Request ****

CTD assists, individuals and organizations who need a Document Examiner, Expert Witness in all Situations including Courts Cases. CTD assists everyone via the Herbal Tracer analysis, a Crystallization Process to determine: Attention Deficit Disorder ADD, ADHD, BIPOLAR and Bacteria Meningitis symptoms, Parasites, Metal, and Chemical Poisons. CTD assists organizations and individuals with Company and Individual State Approved Identification Cards State.





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