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                        THE "RIGHT NOW APPROACH"   to HANDLING STRESS in YOUR LIFE!!!


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    Dear Concerned Person;

 It goes without saying Stress is having it’s way with everyone, from the home place to the corporate world. We all are not only feeling it but many of us are or have been infected. I say infected because the Stress of today is a Mental / Physical Situation and it has to be dealt with from this perspective. The Unbiased Counselors, of Creative Traffic Directors, have developed packages to deal with the Stress of today. We would like to share these packages with you such that we can help you begin helping yourself.

 The past fifteen years of research had taught us that, 1.) Before a person begins each  journeys in their life, they must be prepared,  2.) An unexamined life is not worth living,  Know thyself and , 3.) Unless we know who, what, how qualified, how knowledgeable, how prepared to begin the process we are, our life path will be a struggle. 

 We are at a point where ignorance is a Liability and acknowledgements of one’s self is an Asset. Our packages will reintroduce you to yourself and help you help yourself develop your own path of life such that success, on the rest of your journey will be a reality.


Have YOU been feeling Down and YOU just stayed to Yourself, but you really wanted to TALK  to Someone ???   

Is YOUR Work going OK, but YOU Feel as though something is Missing ???

Are the two of you having problems and YOU both want to improve Your relationship before it’s too late ???

Have YOU just broken up with someone YOU love, and YOU really didn’t want that to happen ??? Are YOU dealing with ADD, ADHD ???

Have YOU just Separated from a Mate and YOU want to know how ATTUNED YOU have been to YOURSELF and to YOUR Mate for the past three years and what to look for such that YOU don’t make the same “Unknowledgeable Moves” when YOU meet Someone New in Your Life ???

Have you felt like punching someone out, and you ended up punching the wall ——  or someone ???

Let us Help you deal with your stress, what is on the top of your Mind and stress reduction -  Today, “Right Now”.

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