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Extended Employee Annual Reviews  

CTD has designed an Extended Employee Annual Review Program for professionals and companies to use in addition to standard Employee Annual Review Programs. Typically, Employee Annual Review Programs evaluate productivity, communicability and  performance. Our Extended Employee Annual Review Program is designed to provide   individualized attention to each person helping to eliminate the root of problems causing burnout or stress.

We base our service on the premise that there are no universal formulas for self help. Each person is a unique individual who operates in his/her emotions, responses, habits, thoughts and motivations and actions differently from others.  After dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) with EMS people, police officers and attorneys I have realized that this syndrome does not escape anyone. All Employees, including Employees who have either been a victim of, or witness to, workplace violence suffer from PTSD.

Our program is aimed at working with everyone to reduce anxiety and stress before it causes physical or mental illness or manifests into other unwanted behaviors, such as substance abuse or violence.

Efforts to diminish workplace violence with increased security measures can be ineffectual and costly. We sincerely believe that our program is a proactive approach, and it provides individuals with the opportunity for self-growth.

 Are you concerned about employees: -Having emotional outbursts that could result in criminal acts?  -Showing primary temper?   -Showing resentment? -Showing uncertainty?   -Being reliable?   -Following tasks through to completion?   -Showing suicidal or self destructive tendencies?   -Seeming unstable?   -Lacking ability to maintain mental discipline and keep thoughts down to earth?

 Our Extended Employee Annual Review Program will help: -Improve employee performance  -Provide employees with tools for self improvement  and awareness  -Improve employee moral  -Reduce personal days off  -Increase productivity  -Improve employee performance  -Reduce overall spending on workplace violence  -Decrease absenteeism, sick pay, health care claims and employee grievances  -Reduce theft and workplace violence.


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