Custom Identification Cards

                                    Stated Approved, Officially    
                                             Notarized Proof of
                                Identification of Individual and   

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Text Box: You Say You Are Going
Where?  Well!!!
Where's YOUR
StateWide WorldWide
Identification Card?

Text Box:  You Say Your Name is          What--- and You Work               For Who?    Well,              Where's YOUR  Company  Identification Card???


                            CTD’s STATE WIDE WORLD WIDE Identification Card
is used        
                                             by immigrants,  people who travel abroad, on tours, people who work
                                             outside the US of A.

                            CTD has been doing Identification Cards in Michigan for companies     
                                             since 1970. We do Custom Identification Cards for companies large   
                                             and small, Security Guards, Ambulance and Transportation
                                             Organizations, Handicappers, Cyclists, Joggers, Rollerblades and

                            CTD  presents to your organization, Stated Approved Officially 
                            Notarized Proof of Identification of Individual and Organization
                                             which can be carried or worn. We hope we can be of service to you and
                                             your Organization. Identification Presentation   real IDSS


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