Identification Card System Services

                                   While identification of proof of person has always
been important, the events of 9/11 and the Desert
 Storm Wars have certainly moved personal 
identification to another level.

                                    At CTD we believe that every person in America 
should have a valid proof-of-person 
on their person at all times.


                   Creative Traffic Directors (CTD) has been doing State (MI)   

                   Notarized Identification Cards for individuals and companies    
                   since 1968. 
CTD was Instrumental in working with Senator     
                      Jack Faxon, who co-sponsored Senate Bill 414 --- passed in
                   1974--- calling for the development of the first State
                   Identification Card.

             CTD provides custom state approved and notarized 
                    identification cards for individuals in all occupations and
                    corporate personnel who travel Domestically and abroad.

             Each identification card begins with a document card. The
                    document file card is for our office to use in case replacement

cards are needed and for company administration and
                    company dispatch offices.

                   If an employee or other individual looses his/her ID card,
                    the company will have a copy of the document on file. Upon
CTD, we will guarantee that a new card will be in
                    the person’s hands in 24 hours or less…anywhere in the world.
                    This policy also applies to non-corporate Individuals. (There
                    will be a charge for this service.)

                    For more information on Identification Cards, Click!


                  POINT OF NOTE:  

                  CTD’S SWWW Identification Card                 
                                                          is  WHTI  Compliant

                                    CTD’s Identification Cards System Service has always supplied an
                             CTD’S SWWW Identification Card (since 1974) that has been used as
                    a passport as a common-sense way for border states to meet
                       requirements of the federal Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) while protecting their economic interests.

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