Re:  Do You Know What Time It Is?        It’s Stress / Depression Testing Time!!!    

Thank you very much for allowing use to show you what we do at Creative Traffic Directors (CTD). For years, one of my GODS given missions has been to: “help people help themselves” and this mission began with practitioners that have “hands on positions” with people’s minds and bodies. The reason being is that most practitioners don’t realize the significance of Karma and how good & bad Karma are passed from one soul to another, if a practitioner (in any field) isn’t grounded. It’s a fact, no one, including practitioners can determine their own Stress / Depression Level and the fact that practitioners are still using SYMPTOMATOLOGY to determine their client’s Stress level, this is why CTD’s Testing service is necessary. Not only is it most important that all practitioners know about CTD’s Unbiased Confidential service for themselves, but it is also important for their clients, friends and families.  It’s also a fact that for some people who have went through significant health challenges, not having Stress / Depression Testing has cost them their Life!  (I can be contacted, at any time for more conversation about cases of this type)

Not having Stress / Depression Testing (early detection and treatment ) is not an Option for Any One, because Stress / Depression is a mental physical killer and  Stress / Depression will destroy one’s life! I have been doing this type of testing ( which also included early detection and treatment for ADD, ADHD, BIPOLAR AND MOMENTARY  INSANITY CONDITIONS ) on and for practitioners for the past 30 years, and of course Unbiased Confidentiality has been a reality. Also I have been working with the Criminal Justice Departments, doing Stress / Depression testing of officer, EMS people, Fire Department Staff as well as the people the departments are involved with.

Your establishment is training people to Work On people, some of whom are very stressed and are dealing with clients friends and family that need CTD’s Stress / Depression Testing Right Now!  Some of my clients give the Stress test to their employees and other employers have the employees pay for the test and after ninety days they reimburse them for the cost of the Stress / Depression Test.

We offer our service to your staff, clients, friends and family, at which time your establishment will receive a commission for each Stress / Depression Test.  (We will provide you with a larger flyer than the one enclosed)

Thanks for allowing CTD to share with you again Blessings,   Robert E. Haskins

In as much as discerning ones Stress / Depression Level, “mental being”, hasn’t been heard of, very much in United States of America and the fact that there is no Universal Formula for detecting this condition, CTD has made it an individual process, in that CTD uses each person’s Handwriting. It’s a fact “no two people write alike and Handwriting, another expression of one’s DNA is When one writes their signature is an expression of one’s conscious Mind and any other writing is an expression of one’s Subconscious Mind!

We use the Alternative Health Care Approach t0 Early Detection and Treatment Of:

STRESS / DEPRESSION LEVELS (1), (2), (3), (4)

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)


 Conditions And Or Symptoms



 We are available for Engagements,   Divorce Attorneys  Please call or e-mail us for more details. Thank You! or



My name is Robert E. Haskins and I am Human Resource Consultant Specialist:

 I am a Master Handwriting Analysis, Graphotherapist, Herbalist, Homeopathic Practitioner and Certified Abuse Counselor. I specialize in Document Evaluations, Personality Reconstruction, Preventive Workplace Violence, Pre-Martial/ Martial Divorce counseling  and Early Detection and Treatment of Stress, Depression Testing Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, ADD, ADHD and BIPOLAR conditions.


 My involvement with Stress, Depression allows me to do assessments on anyone, with results within 72hrs or less. At which time we can determine, if in fact that an individual is a threat to society, his, her victim and or to himself and then incrassate him, her until a Personality Reconstruction is completed! As of the past 5 years, in our schools, students as well as staff members and employees have had stress related altercations and situations that could have been eradicated, if in fact the subjects had been treated by Creative Traffic Directors (CTD). (Fact, we (CTD) can detect and treat erratic behavior of anyone within that 72hr period of time that the perpetrator is in confinement) It’s more than obvious, from the results of many perpetrators’ treatment that the present day anger management programs are not working, in that the perpetrator is released, they get out of rehab and spousal abuse still exists, people are still killing people and people are still committing suicide.

ADHD clients has been  with many organizations, including the Criminal Justice Departments as a very significant adjunct in that I do Personality Reconstruction, a process of presenting (on a confidential level) the Mental / Physical aspects of one’s “being” and I would like to talk to you about same ASAP.





         The UNBIASED COUNSELOR            
                                    Robert E. Haskins


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