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Re: Stress / Depression testing for you, your clients, employee and friends

Point of Note: Divorce doesnít do the mental, physical changes that will allow a person to take back or change their life. However, there have been many Mental, Physical Stress / Depression Situations (altercations) that have happened that can be rectified! One can look at their situation, after the divorce, etc. like a spot in their  white blazer, that spot remover  can never remove and we will show one what will remove the spot!

It appears that 90% of the Doctors deal with Stress / Depression, ADD, ADHD and BIPOLAR CONDITIONS AND SYMPTOMS Testing, from SYMPTOMATOLOGY and Creative Traffic Directors (CTD) detection of all of the above is from Graphological indicators from personal documents (including oneís picture), an individualís handwriting and from an individualís crystallized saliva sample.

It is most important that everyone has a Stress / Depression test, in that, no one can determine, if in fact, they have a Stress / Depression condition. Itís a fact that Stress / Depression conditions have been erupting all over MetroDetroit and as I have just stated, everyone needs help.

The beautiful aspect of this situation, in that all isnít lost, is that CTD does early detection and treatment.

Itís a responsibility of each employer to let their employees know that they can be checked for Stress / Depression, that everyone including them (all CEOs) WILL BE TESTED, with results in 24 hr. or less.

Psychological testing canít determine if in fact a person is dealing with Stress or Depression. It is also a fact that many people have already jumped the gun, by jumping on the Stress cure band wagon too quickly; they too should be checked before they do any over the counter Stress / Depression medication and or check themselves into a clinic for Stress Depression treatment.

Would you like to help your employees (clients) make a very significant mental, physical step into the rest of their beautiful Life? I know that, 90% of the people who have gone though a divorce, think that the divorce (process) was the end of their Stress, Depression (old) chapters of their life and the beginning of the new chapters of oneís life. However, six months later and in many cases three years later oneís life hasnít changed.

However, with our Help the Beginning of the new Chapters of oneís life can and will be a reality! Everyone who subscribes to our program can take back their life and use the newly acquired knowledge about themselves as a stepping stone into the rest of their beautiful life!

Are you interested in making all of the above a reality for your clients? Oh, keep in mind, every successful person will tell three people about what your Company is doing for their clients and each one of them will tell three more people, etc., etc., etc..





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