Getting Through A Suicide!

You might want to sit down and get ready to hear some information that you havenít heard before! I specialize in Personality Reconstructionís and for the past 35 years, with Godís Grace I have been helping prevent people from self destruction as well as explaining to families why their loved one committed Suicide. (Also, in the case of Amy Winehouse, explaining her state of mental, physical being {that she was dealing with} that caused her demise.) My experience has taught me that everyone who commits suicide starts showing, very significant signs (what we call graphological indicators) 6 months before it happen. And that, everyone who has committed suicide was not only very troubled but very intelligent. When you deal with Stress and Depression, one mustnít forget that these two conditions coupled with resentment, stored anger and a mind that is rationalizing to quickly, without (knowledge help) one is looking at a (dead) person walking.

I have tried to give you a quick rundown as to what I do (and there is much, much more to come), in that you, are a concerned person who needs to know how and why (the person that committed suicide) was (way out) of control. People who go through a suicide experience much have closure in order for them to get on (successfully ) with the rest of their life. The sad aspects of the situation is the fact that (the person that committed suicide) needed help, that they had been crying out for help for a long time, but there was no one around, including Practitioners that knew what to (look for) to help them. (This is where oneís Handwriting, the Unbiased Counselor comes into being with the facts from oneís subconscious mind. We do Early Detection and (Herbal) Treatment of Stress, Depression situations and conditions, including ADD, ADHD, BIPOLAR, within 24hrs or less. We can spot a student (a Bully or Victim), a self destructive (suicide) person, an employee (or a CEO) or a (super stressed, depressed) person just coming back from Iraqi and help all of them Right Now!

Last but not least, in order for family members, close friends to get on with their life they need to hear about and (deal with closure), what caused (their child, friend) to commit suicide, such that when they find out what their friend was going through, dealing with, such that (the family member, friend) will not be subjected to the same things, situations and end up hurting themselves or committing suicide. Today, there are thousands of people out there that need this type of help. THIS IS WHY, "RIGHT NOW" STRESS, DEPRESSION ASSESSMENT ARE NECESSARY FOR EVERYONE...!!!

Everyone who reads this, please get back with me and let me know what you think, in that I can help you help yourself. Blessings, Robert E. Haskins, 248-541-4412,

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         The UNBIASED COUNSELOR            
                                    Robert E. Haskins

Getting Through A Suicide!

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