Extended Herbal Tracer Analysis

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    Extended Herbal Tracer Analysis We begin with a cover letter about your condition followed with an explanation of our process of dealing with our Extended Herbal Tracer Analysis.
        The results of your Crystallization Analysis shows the Herbs and Homeopathic remedies, with factual information about each Herb and Homeopathic remedy, that your body (organs) need to address your particular situations.
          Your Analysis has been broken down into four categories. Under each category is a list of the Herbs and Homeopathic that one’s body needs for 5 weeks before moving to the next category. After four weeks we determine if the body needs more of the Herbs or Homeopathic in that category. Your body will let you know when it has enough of the Herb. We encourage you to keep in contact with us, such that if you experience any difficulties, YOU can call us right away.
          Please keep in mind, it's not just one organ that is out of balance, that is responsible for you feeling poorly, but it is a combination of organs and arteries that need addressing. This is why there are particular Herbs for each organ or condition.
          We start your assessment with the Congestion category, which prepares the body organs for the other categories. It's a fact,  Herbs go right to the blood stream and they treat the organs as well as the symptoms. When you take your particular Herbs and Homeopathic remedies  in each category, this will be the beginning of
a significant healing progression.
           Keep in mind we are healing the organs so that the organs can function in terms of doing their job in the body.  If you experience different body reactions, difficulties as you are going through the process you are not to worry because this is a part of the healing process. 


Our objective is to help you balance your system with the Herbs and Homeopathic remedies your body is calling for. Please remember, the healing process of the body takes time. However, you can be assured that your organs will have begun improving, you will be getting better and better.  In as much as your situation involves
the mind as well as the body, one's frame of mind is most important. It's a Mental Physical approach to success in the rest of your life, that must be taken seriously.        





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