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     Instructions for Placing an Order


Your order may be placed by FAX, Telephone, or Regular Mail

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Check, or Money Order.


FAX:  Fill out and print our Order Form and FAX it to 248-541-4412.

             Be sure to include your credit card information.


 Telephone:  After choosing the products or services you want to purchase, call us at 248-541-4412 and please have your Visa or MasterCard ready.


   Regular Mail:   Fill out and print our Order Form and mail it with     

   your payment to:     Robert E.  Haskins                                                             

                           Creative Traffic Directors / Herbal  Health                                  
                                  P.O. Box 
        20252                                                                                                            Ferndale, MI, 48220


             If you send a Check or Money Order, please make it payable to       

             Robert E. Haskins




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