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What Would YOU Like to Do- or Feel, Physically, Mentally that YOU are not Doing or Feeling NOW?  YOU say YOU want to be HAPPIER ? Would you like to Know what you are doing in your life this very Moment ?  What you have been doing  for the past 2 to 5 years?

What you can do to develop a knowledge Future for Yourself, and for the ONE  YOU LOVE?  

 Would You like to work with your Stress, Stress Reduction and What is Troubling you as well as your Productivity, Communication and Performance?

Would You like  to know how to deal with Attention Deficit Disorder  ADD, ADHD, avoid Work Place Violence?

Would You like to have a Document Examiner  tell you who signed that Document?

Would You like to have an Expert Witness, (document Examiner, in court representing you)?

Would You like to know What Herbs Your body is calling for RIGHT NOW ?

What Parasites  are in YOUR body ?

What Environmental Chemical and Metal Poisons are in YOUR body?

I would like to hear more about myself, and have  a Micro, Mini Handwriting Analysis over the phone.  Micro, Mini Handwriting Analysis  (30 minutes $50.00 US dollars)

Point of note:  You must choose your method of payment (complete same). Then scan and email or fax your Handwriting sample (please use Black ink, write, don't print and include your contact phone number) to of Fax to 1-248-629-9982. We will contact you within 6 hours or less, and give you your (on the phone Assessment).

 Are You interested in a State approved Official Notarized Identification Card, that can be used all over United States and Canada, as well as any place where official verification of Oneself and Company is necessary?





One can pay by (PayPal), credit card, check or with cash. Our email is,   Phone 248-541-4412     Fax no. 248-629-9982





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