Combating The Mental /                  
                        Physical Stress Of Today

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        It goes without saying Stress is having itís way with everyone, from the home place to the corporate world. We all are not only feeling it but many of us are or have been infected. I say infected because the Stress of today is a Mental / Physical Situation and it has to be dealt with from this perspective. The Unbiased Counselors, of Creative Traffic Directors, have developed packages to deal with the Stress of today. We would like to share these packages with you such that we can help you begin helping yourself.

      The past fifteen years of research had taught us that. 1.) Before a person begins each journeys in their life, they must be prepared. 2.) An unexamined life is not worth living, Know thyself. 3.) Unless we know who, what, how qualified, how knowledgeable, how prepared to begin the process we are, our life path will be a struggle. 4.) Change the statement: Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your

country, to: Ask not what others can do for you but ask what you can do for your self. Now, you are ready to acknowledge your in-depth assessment of yourself and respond to the four above statements. 

One of the main reasons why man isnít as successful in life as he could be is because he hasnít had a righteous beginning. He goes to a collage, get a job, gets marriage and starts a family or becomes a professional bachelor. however, he hasnít stopped to consider the big two ( statements). Remember, when I stated earlier, that we havenít asked the main man, person that will let our wants be a reality? When is the last time you did some soul searching and asked yourself: How are you doing guy, How are you doing gal, Are you ready to bit the bullet of life? You know you have the degree and now you have the position, You know you have the significant other in your life, but do you have the personality and character traits, namely the faith and knowledge about your self to make your Needs and Wants a reality? Do you in fact respect your own ideas, concepts and opinions as well as others? Are you willing to listen, know all the facts, before you response?

Lets mentally back up a minute and recall the statement, an unexamined life is not worth living, know thyself. Most of you beautiful people donít realize that you all ready have all the answers that you need to take charge of the rest of your life! Presently you are in denial and it is very important that you say to your self, ď What is on the top of my mind that is bugging me, causing me pain, What am I doing in my life that is not working, I need helpĒ and be willing to ask for help and listen to what is being revealed to you. That is, in term of your mental / physical state of being. You also have to go another big step, into lifeís transitional situations and recall other people you know, who have gone through the therapy that you are about to get into and recall that person. You donít have to be an Attorney, Psychologist or a Social Worker to recall their progress and see how they are handling their life today, in that most of them are still having problems.

You have to acknowledge the fact that the reason why ď make yourself better seekersĒ are not better is because their Therapists have treated their symptoms rather than the cause of their problems. As I said early, you are in denial and you donít realize the fact that before you get help and get better, in this life, you must know what you are doing in your life right now (the present), what you have been doing for the past 3 to 5 years (the past), and what personality and character traits you have that will help you step into tomorrow (your future). To acknowledge these last three statements upon have same revealed to you via an In-Depth Assessment, then and only then will you have begun establishing the foundation of the rest of your life, be able to consciously make a difference in your life yourself for yourself.

It is a fact, today, everyone is at a point where ignorance is a Liability and acknowledgements of oneís self is an Asset. Our packages will reintroduce you to yourself and help you help yourself develop your own path of life such that success, on the rest of your journey will be a reality.

When we deal with the physical aspects of oneís being, we use the Herbal Crystallization Analysis ( HCA). This process allows us to see what Herbs and Homeopathics oneís body is calling for, what Infections, Parasites and Chemical Metal poisons, we have in our body, at the time of the test. One of the great advantages of this test is the fact that our Test Sample can be used for six months.


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