Combating The Mental / Physical Stress of Today

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If you are thinking that all of the above is too good to be true, them hold on to your being, in that you already have the knowledge for your In-depth Assessment and all the knowledge to deal with your HCA.

This information is already in your brain, your handwriting. Your In-depth Assessment comes from your brain. Most people don’t realize that when they write their writing is “brain writing”, you have no control of how it comes out and no two people write alike. Your signature is an expression of your conscious mind and any other writing is an expression of one’s sub-conscious mind.

Your Herbal Crystallization Analysis come from the saliva from your tongue. A process of taking a sample on a slide, putting a drop of copper chloride on it and in two hours we have a crystallize Test Sample of your saliva. With in 24 hours or less, we let you know what Herbs and Homeopathics your body is calling to combat Congestion (ADD & or ADHD) Attention Deficit (Hyperactive) Disorder, Infections (namely Bacterial Meningitis ), Parasites and Chemical Metal poisons symptoms that you have in our body.

Today people don’t realize that just like the physical body must get rid of the toxic waste so must the mind get rid of the negativity, selfishness, lack of consideration for others and lack of disrespect for your ideas, concepts and opinions as well as others.

It is time for everyone to realize that STRESS is a killer. Stress is alive and effecting everyone 247 and it boils down to the fact that only the strong survive. However, I am here to help everyone change that tune in their life. First of all, God did not make any junk and no one can tell one what to do but one’s self, one’s





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