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I have found a very significant correlation between workplace violence and the Mental / Physical state of one’s mind (Being). My research answers some very important questions about the Mental/ Physical state of mind of : students, Postal and Automotive workers who have committed violence acts against an individual or a group of people and Pre-Marital, Marital, Divorce and Substance Abuse cases. My research also included, 1.) cases where patients have harmed and or killed spouses, Doctors, Therapists and Attorneys and 2.) the fact that 85% of the crimes begin in the home place.

Today like never before: 1.) warrant-less arrests in spouse abuse cases should be a reality the first time 911 is called. 2. ) Executive, Individual Coaching (EC), right along with the promotion and Extended Employee Annual Reviews (EEAR) should be a requirement for everyone from the CEO to the janitors. 3.) Marital Counseling (MC) for the victim as well as the perpetrator, before he / she is released, should be a requirement in all domestic cases. 4.) Pre-marital counseling (P/MC) should be a requirement before anyone is allowed to get a marriage license.

My 35 years of experience and my on going research has taught me that it is useless to try to administer therapy to anyone until you have counseled them. Counseling is a process of establishing a connection with the person such that you (the Practitioner) can: 1) get their attention, 2.) show them that you are knowledgeable about their sub-conscious being and you have a good idea as to where they are coming from and 3.) show them that they can trust you. Communication can only be a reality if the Counselor knows what, when and how the person has been dealing with their life, at that moment and for the past three to five years.

One’s revelations comes from the following: EC, EEAR, MC and P/MC. Also keep in mind, we provide this service to counselors / therapists, and company Human Resource departments such that they know initially where the client is coming from.

Upon revealing these revelations ( an In-depth Assessment ) to a person, (the Counselor) is assured that communication with the person will be a reality. Keep in mind, these revelations do not come from ”Psychological Projective “ techniques, . For years therapists have been using the Rorschach (ink blot tests), dream interpretation and word association, very good techniques coupled with their (the client’s) past experience, but these methods and their ( the Counselor’s) past experiences with other clients, haven’t been as effective as (these revelations). Such is the case in that there are NO Universal Formularies for Self Help.

These revelations probes the subconscious mind. Yet, unlike those test, it is convent to use, and unobtrusive. The strong advantage over taking standardized tests and initial personal counseling is that most often people are very nervous, upset and very frustrated, and they don’t perform as well as they could on a test or in person. Or they go into a session with an idea that they are going to prove without a doubt that they are all right and that they’ve got it all together.


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