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The advantage of these revelations lets the therapist know where the client is coming from and how the client in front of him / her is no longer a mental stranger. Now you the counselor and or the therapist is ready to counsel the client. After these revelations, we “address what is on the top of the client’s mind” by showing the client that what he / she calls problems) are just unknowledgeable situations) and then we begin “address the situations)”.

Fact: One cannot begin a journey in life without knowing thyself . Stop for a minute and recall the statement : “An Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living, Know Thyself”. 
Ironically, 70% of the time the therapist hasn’t done any counseling and he / she doesn’t have a connection to the mind of the person. As a result no lines of communication have been opened before the therapist starts his / her therapy. This is why these revelations (the In-depth Assessment) are a must, in that these revelations lets the Counselor begin counseling, know what the person is doing in their life 1.) at that moment, 2.) for the past 3 to 5 years and 3.) what they can do to direct the person into the rest of their life.

Creative Traffic Directors (CTD) has been using this unbiased modality that deals with one’s conscious and subconscious mind, that gives us all of the above mentioned revelations for the past 25 years. We have been a significant adjunct to many company’s Human resource departments in United States and Canada.

Upon the person acknowledging these revelations, we can determine the extent of his / her counseling and if, in fact, he / she needs therapy. Our experience has been, that 80% of the people that have acknowledged their revelations, from their In-depth Assessment and their Follow-up Consultation session, five days later, can (consciously) begin re-developing their life. 

Please realize that there are times when people have to have in-depth therapy. But, when such is the case, these revelations provide a very significant foundation into one’s being, such that a “path” into the rest of their life can be established.

When the Counselor can communicate with a client, this is an indication that the person has “consciously” acknowledged these revelations and that the person is ready to take knowledgeable charge of the rest of his / her life. When such is a reality the person doesn’t need to have an EEAR, Executive, Individual Coaching every year because the person will have the keys to consciously get on his / her path of life alone or together. This is not to say that you can not contact us, in that you can do so at any time. However, at that time you will be consciously communicating with us, using us as a significant sounding board, an indication that you are on your “path of life”.

In essence, WE, with the Masters blessings, can help anyone who wants to be helped and we are talking about help in the matter of weeks, months not years.





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