TRQ. -RH     an Herbal Combination                           
                                        by Robert E. Haskins  

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As a dietary supplement for adults, TRQ. -RH can be used for stressful situations of all types and when one feels repressed and or one is going through   “trying” situations, this supplement will help you become Tranquil, Calm, Serene.


It contains:

St. John’s Wort, Valerian Root, Passion flower, Hops , Anise

White Willow Bark, Kava Kava, Chamomile, Red Raspberry leaf

Rice Bran, Brewer’s Yeast, Rosemary, Skullcap, Angelica Root, Licorice Root

Peppermint leaf, Chickweed

 TRQ. -RH is used  when one is dealing with what might be a “trying” situation.  Many of our clients used TRQ. -RH when they want to be consciously attuned to everything they are doing, without the anxious feeling before, during and after a “trying” situation. TRQ. -RH  is good to use for special meetings, for lectures and to relax during a test or anticipated confrontation situations.  TRQ. -RH is good when you want to study and consciously keep the facts straight in your mind. Teachers, housewives, supervisors, social workers, police  persons can use TRQ. -RH so that they will be able to deal with everyone, everything and stressful situations of all types.  TRQ. -RH is not addictive.

One of the main feature about TRQ. -RH is that, it will take you through your transitions with no noticeable physical changes. There are no side affects, you will begin feeling better and then when TRQ. -RH wares off you are back to your normal beautiful self.




“My nine year old son was way out of control at home and at school. We had him on Ritalin for the past two years, but it was less than 50% effective. We put him on TRQ. -RH and within less than a week we could see the changes. The following week his teacher was so impressed that she called us in to talk.  They couldn’t believe he was the same child.” G.B.


“My twelve year old daughter was staying out half the night, missing classes and had been expelled two times. Our water man told us about TRQ. -RH and a program for ADD & ADHD victim. My wife said she wanted to try TRQ. -RH but I was very reluctant, I didn’t believe in Herbs. We put her on TRQ. -RH. In two weeks we got a letter from the school and after showing the letter to her Hockey coach, he let her back on the team.”  S.F.


“I had been on several drugs, from Ritalin as a child and then Prozac etc. as an adult and I was just about to try a new and improved drug when I heard about TRQ. -RH. My cohort said his wife, a supervisor had been taking TRQ. -RH and she became a super wife, mother and supervisor. I tried TRQ. -RH and I haven’t felt this good in years, everything has improved including my golf game.” C.F.


“Hey Mr. you remember Little Brownie”, the soccer player who spent more time kicking players then the soccer ball?  You gave my father TRQ. -RH for me. Did he tell you that the second week of taking the supplement, I wasn’t the same person. The coach put me back on the soccer team! Well Mr. Haskins I just graduated from College and I wanted to thank God and you!” C. B.

WE have also introduced a new Pendent, to work with , when treating people with STRESS, DEPRESSION, ADHD, BIPOLAR and PTSD conditions, IN THAT INSIDE OF THE PENDANT  are natural special Herbs, from our rainforest, that counter act the effects of environment metal and chemical poisons that are in our atmosphere, food and water, coupled with the significant side effects from computers,  generators and many other electronic  equipment that is being use 24/7 in all walks of life, each and every day.  It is said that individuals who wear this pendant, over a period of time can bring their body back in balance and, once again with the proper Handwriting Assessment and Herbal treatment they can experience a balance body .

    If you are experiencing (significant) :

   *  repression         *  mood swings      *  restlessness    *  emotion outbursts

       Showing Signs Of:  ADD,   ADHD,  PTSD,  BIPOLAR , Pre-Suicidal Conditions


    Then this is the Herbal supplement for  You!           


      If you have ADD, ADHD OF BIPOLAR and your Conditions and the side Effects and Changes in medication are causing You Pain then you will need an addition assessment and an additional regiment of Herbs. We can still help, just let us know your situation.




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