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Document Examiner




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Master Graphologist,
Handwriting Analyst,
Document Examiner, (Expert Witness in Court Cases)
Forensic Document Examiner, Personality Reconstruction                                                                                    Certified Abuse Counselor, has been working with Individual Pre-Marital, Marital, Compatibility and Child
Counseling. He is also a Consultant to Psychologists, Hypnotherapists, Divorce
Mediators, Company Employment, Executive Coaching, Investigative Agencies and Law Firms.

Services: Handwriting Analysis
(Document Examiner, Forensic Document Examiner)

(Graphotherapy) Individual Assessment, Pre-Marital/Marital, Divorce, Separation, and
Management Counseling. Specialty Personnel Screening, Selecting, Hiring, Initial
Unbiased client Introductions, Troubled Employee Evaluations, Employee Annual
Reviews, Substance Abuse, Document Examiner, EAP Consultant, Executive
Coaching, Juror Selection, Personality Reconstruction.

Licensing, Training & Experience:
Master Degree in Handwriting Analysis from the University of Tubingen (Germany).

Bowling Green State University, Wayne State University. Twenty-five years
Handwriting Analysis experience as a Master Graphologist, Graphotherapist, Document Examiner, Certified Abuse Counselor. A Consultant to Psychologists, Sociologists, Hypnotherapists, Divorce Mediators, Company Employment, Human Resource Consultants, Investigative Agencies and Law Firms, Member of Handwriting Analysis International (HAI), Member of Employee Assistance Professionals The Greater Detroit Chapter, EAPA GDC and The International Chapter ( Toronto Ont., Canada).

General Statement: "You Are What YOU Write", Handwriting (Graphology) is
Brainwriting, and Via same we can present to YOU the "YOU of YOU Right NOW". It is
a fact; "The Basic Truth In The Conscious And Subconscious Mind Speaks, While in The
Act Of WRITING !!!"

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