"The CAPTAIN"  of  YOUR LIFE?


                      CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE?

                                   HI! ----How Are YOU ???               

When was the last time someone said that to you and Really stopped to Hear your  answer? When was the last time you looked at  yourself in the mirror and said to yourself,  “How Are You” ? Did you flash,  I don’t have time NOW!!!, did you glance back at your hair or face and look away from your EYES ?

It’s true — we can only reflect a Good real concerned person, if we are a Good real concerned person. If we have stopped to ask our self, How are YOU and have answered our self by looking into our NEEDS and WANTS, things that when Dealt With, Acknowledged, will allow us to develop into a Good Real Attuned Person, then we will be perceived as a Good Real Person.

Did you know that when You Write, Your Handwriting is Brainwriting, that a Graphologist (Handwriting Analysis) can tell 2,458 different details about You ?  We can put you in touch with your character and personality traits in terms of Yourself, Inherent qualities, Loved ones, Friends, Associated, Enemies, Your sex life, Your Sexuality, and highlight

on a general or in-depth level how you have been dealing with yourself for the past three years, the present and we can project a

Counseling via Handwriting Analysis provides techniques for improving relationships, gets YOU in touch with YOUR NEEDS and WANTS, allows YOU to Relax and SEE who YOU are at any given point  in time in YOUR LIFE.

As a result of a reintroduction to  yourself,  you will get a relaxed response when the Knowledgeable Real You Says — HI !!! How Are YOU ???, and your reflection of yourself is of one who is ready to listen.

Have YOU been feeling Down and YOU just stayed to Yourself, but You really wanted to TALK to Someone ???

Is YOUR Work Going OK, But YOU Feel as though something is Missing ???

Are the two of YOU having Problems and YOU both want to improve Your relationship Before it’s too late ???

Have YOU just Separated from a Mate  and YOU wanted to know how ATTUNED YOU have been to YOURSELF and to YOUR Mate for the past three years and what to look for such that YOU don’t make the same  Unknowledgeable Moves when YOU meet someone New in Your Life ???

When YOU  Write, YOUR Signature depicts Your Conscious Mind, any other writing depicts YOUR  Sub-conscious Mind

Handwriting Analysis , which reflects the Subconscious mind, tells us that the Subconscious in All of US is Always TRUTHFUL, IT NEVER FORGETS  AND CANNOT LIE.

It is the conscious mind which distorts the truth and drives us into all sorts of difficulties in it’s effort to FIX things UP. The basic truth in the subconscious speaks when the conscious mind is off it’s GUARD,                      


 Let us Analysis YOUR Handwriting and put   YOU in touch with YOUR NEEDS and WANTS Individually or  Together.




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