Our Approach to Diagnose and Treatment of ADD, ADHD, BIPOLAR, BACTERIAL MENINGITIS and TOURETTE SYNDROME conditions and symptoms.  Robert E. Haskins, MH, MG, MD, CAC, MH & HP   248-541-4412      edwardohas@att.net



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From all of the articles I have read, our methodology is the same with two exceptions. Initially we determine the Clientsí Stress, Depression level and if in fact (the client) has ADD or ADHD, them we determine the conditions and work with same for each client. We have also found that bombarding a client with many conditions, having them pick out same or the Practitioner telling them (the client) has a very significant effect on the person (client) and can take a long time for them (the client) to consciously deal with same.

Our assessment of a troubled person (which shows symptoms of ADD, ADHD) begins with determining, if in fact they have (ADD or ADHD) and then we assess their conditions. (2 to 6 conditions, an average case to 2 to 12 plus conditions in sever cases), and share same with the client. My experience, with each client has been such that my success in working with each client begins at the time the client is in a mental state whereby (the client can understand their conditions). At the time the (client can understand their conditions) is the time that we can begin helping the client begin helping themselves.

Point of note: early detection and treatment, of oneís ADHD conditions and symptoms has allowed us to help prevent the second Emotional Outbursts in all abuse cases. Often times this determination can be made months before the clients conditions get out of hand (the client has a second Emotional Outburst)!

Despite the fact that (when dealing with ADHD (including Momentary Insanity symptoms and conditions) cases) a good share of my cases are after the person has committed a crime (had an emotional outburst), rationalized too quickly, fueled by primary temper and resentment, stored anger, however we can (still) assure the person that we can help them.


My experiences have taught me that (in cases like this) there is a commonality in ADHD, MOMENTARY INSANITY and SANITY cases that has helped me help people begin helping themselves, to the extent that the client, (perpetrator) could begin taking back his conscious ďbeingĒ.  Itís most important to realize the fact that ADHD can be compromised with the proper mental help and Alcohol & Drug rehabilitation (if this is one of the conditions), however if nothing is done about ( the sever cases) oneís ADHD condition will get worse and (one) will end up hurting or killing someone or themselves! 


Itís a fact, just like itís not one organ responsible for a person feeling poorly; itís not one (medication) for healing oneís body but itís a combination of organs and conditions that need addressing. However, when the body gets out of balance there is a reason and I begin my quest with oneís Stress and Depression levels. When a patient comes to us and says they are having (medical challenges), I ask them to tell me exactly how they feel and what type of medication they are on, that has been prescribed by their Doctor and what other medication they have been taking.  My first tests are for Stress, Depression, ADD, ADHD, BIPOLAR, BACTERIAL MENINGITIS and TOURETTE SYNDROME  conditions and symptoms. My 35 years of experience has taught me that 85% of my ADHD clients were not because of (a defect in the frontal lobe of the brain ). When the body is dealing with one of the (above mentioned conditions) we address the Mental aspects of the body and five categories of the body, namely Congestion, Infections, Parasites and Metal & Chemical Poisons. When the physical body is out of balance it isnít long before the mental aspects of the body get out of balance and the reverse is also true.

When we determine that a person has one of the (above mentioned conditions) we then highlight the existing symptoms that the client is dealing with and then complete an assessment for same. In as much as no two people are alike (and there are NO Universal Formulas for self help) we do an individual evaluation of the (clientís) mental and physical conditions and symptoms.


We have a method of determining the level, (Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) of severity of (each) Condition or Symptom as well as we assign a number value, called the Relative Intensity No. to each Condition or Symptom. The relativity Intensity numbers allows us to monitor the clientís progress, which is checked each week for five weeks.


We call it the Mental, Physical Alternative Health Care Approach of Addressing oneís body, such that we can help a person, begin helping themselves to better health and of course a better life.


In as much as you have your own treatment plan for dealing with your ADHD cases, we would like to offer you (our service) of determine, if in fact your clients have ADD, ADHD, BIPOLAR,  BACTERIAL MENINGITIS and TOURETTE SYNDROME  conditions and symptoms.



We would like to have your help in letting us (at no charge to you) evaluate at least 6 to 8 of your people. We use two Modalities to determine if in fact a person has one of the conditions, Their Stress, Depression Level, ADD, ADHD and BIPOLAR conditions and symptoms.


Should your Clinic be interested in utilizing our services, we would request one line of Handwriting (with a number depicting your clientís sample) of (6) to 8 subjects, some having ADHD and some who do not have ADHD. Within 24 hours or less our office will fax you back the results for each subject. We want to give you a sample of our work in the process of establishing our creditability.




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