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                Re: Dealing With Bully Types Victims                  

I would like to do Early Detection and Treatment of Stress, Depression Conditions and Symptoms on all of the students and spouse abusers.

From what I have seen, (from different school bully presentations), the conditions (indicators) being presented could be Vindictive, Retaliatory, Spiteful, Vengeful, Poking fun at others, Harassing, Tormenting and Teasing others. However, you can rest assured that we will be able to determine the (conditions, indicators) that the students are dealing with and what needs to be done to rectify these conditions. Everyone can also feel good about the fact that all of the above mentioned conditions (will not be) applicable with the viewed (school) bullies, in that they havenít lived long enough to have a seriously troubled subconscious mind. The very positive aspect of doing a blanket Stress, Depression Assessments will allow us to detect, if in fact there are any people who have an extreme case of Stress, Depression, ADD, ADHD or BIPOLAR Symptoms and Conditions.


Re:  I am a Master Handwriting Analysis, Graphotherapist, Human Resource Consultant specialist and I specialize in Document Evaluations, Personality Reconstruction, preventive Workplace Violence, In-depth Mediation Assessment, Pre-Martial/ Martial, Divorce and Substance Abuse Counseling and Therapy. I work with many organizations as a very significant adjunct.


My expertise is being able to highlight positive and negative personality and character traits on initial contact with anyone and denote same on a "Right Now Basis". My objective is to highlight the personality & character traits of each person: emotional disposition, aspiration level, sensitivity, goal setting abilities, analytical, instinctual and explorative abilities, oneís spirituality, benevolence, oneís awareness of guidance and assurance in their life, having respect for their ideas, concepts and opinions as well as the indicators that denote fear of failure, emotional repression, rationalizing too quickly and coming to decisions and conclusions that are inadequate and incorrect, a form of self deceptiveness and secretively, manic depressive conditions, self blame, suicidal tendencies, primary and secondary temper, uncertainty and the personís inability or ability to maintain mental discipline and bring his / her thoughts and actions down to earth and keep them there.


Please keep in mind, there are no universal formulas for self help, in that, each person is different and must be dealt with this understanding in mind. However, once he / she is re-introduced to his / her ďsub-conscious beingĒ, we can help him / her consciously see him / her self from a new perspective.

Once he / she is exposed to and then acknowledge his / her latent personality and character traits, he / she can respond to situations rather than react to situations and rationalize too quickly.


Our proactive program prevents (or in some cases stops) a person from rationalizing too quickly and coming to decisions and conclusions that are inadequate and incorrect and prevents emotional outburst situations from becoming a reality. Bottom line, we not only help people, as you say ďstart overĒ,  but we help them step up into another conscious awareness of themselves, such that they can consciously begin taking charge of the rest of their life. 



To whom it may concern:

Itís a fact; we can begin dealing with this (bully) situation (in our schools and our work places) one student (person) at a time and initially weed out the students that have serious problem. We can all (thank God) that our world isnít going completely to (Hell in a hand basket), in that it is just because of a few bad seeds.

Dealing with Stress is the beginning of a disruption of oneís mental, physical (being) and when it is not addressed Depression moves right in and (one, everyone is in a stressful condition), is in serious trouble! Needless to say the bottom line, in stopping or dealing with (all bullies) is to (check out) each student. In corporate America we call it an Extended Employee Annual Review and in the public school system we call it a People, People Tune-up. The bottom line is the fact that (under this umbrella) we can assess everyone (including CEOs) and determine the  Stress, Depression conditions, symptoms of each (employee, student) in a very reasonable amount of time.

It has been my experience that as we find the troubled (Student, Employee), we can follow through with Treatment for the person. Also, we can determine more about where the Stress and Depression is coming from.

I was under the impression that one of the reasons why there was a decrease in student enrollment (in Detroit Public Schools) was because teachers were having trouble dealing with stressful students and that causes stressful situations for not only other students but for teachers and Staff. Sad, but true, even the Practitioners didnít realize that a good share of the stress was coming from (the work place to the Home Place) and then the children would take it to the schools. Needless to say it is time to confess, regardless of who you are, if you donít know anything (positive) about your stress, Depression Symptoms and or Conditions, (all of which reveal the negative aspects displayed by oneís actions), please (Stop and listen). There is a very good possibility that you will have the opportunity to, not only begin helping others but also begin helping your self (acknowledge the latent personality and character traits in your life!

 Last year, 2010 we did a study of elementary students and we found that the stress level of the students was directly proportional to the stress level of the parents. We have a method of measuring, what we call the Relative Intensity number, that depicts the severity of the condition that one is going through, dealing with and we found a commonality with the parents. We found that the student takes on 35% to 50% of the Stress conditions that the parent is dealing with and each child carry this condition with them for the rest of their life. (Our study consisted of 200 {2010} elementary students in the Metro- Detroit area and it also included a group of 90 under graduates from one of our Metro-Detroit Colleges.)

(I know you have heard of the phase turning Lemons into lemon aide, havenít you?) (Fact, we always brings our sheep back to the flock (reality), to the tune of 85% and one can take it to the bank and draw right now interest!) Itís also a fact that, (the populous) doesnít understand the significance of (preventive maintenance), of any type and when a bully comes out of the woodwork it freaks everyone out. I can remember the days when a child (or an adult) was being a bully, there was always someone who would break up the situation, handle it and two days later there would be apologies. We can still be families like the old days.

The advantage about an Employee Annual Review and a People, People Tune-Up is the fact that everyone (including CEOs) gets an assessment (every year in most progressive companies).  We can assists everyone, in terms of their Stress, Depression situation, including (significant) Stress, Depression levels and if in fact one has ADD, ADHD, BIPOLAR  symptoms or conditions. (Early Detection and Treatments is a reality with us!)

I know, with out a doubt, reading all of the above has got your head buzzing and righteously so you are in tilted to get (ALL) your questions answered and your comments commented on Right Now and this is what we are ready to do ASAP.


Can we talk?

Sincerely yours,

Robert E. Haskins





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