Dosages For All Herbal Products                  

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Hi Directors and Distributor,

I understand that your clients are calling (Herbal Suppliers) about (dosages) of the Herbal products you two and (Practitioners) have suggested for them.

  Needless to say, it’s very important to know what Herb to take, (how much), how many times a day and for how (long). I would like to offer our service of determined the dosages of all the Herbs you select for your clients as well as for yourselves.

 There will be an (initial fee) of $150.00 per six months for the service and every time you want the dosages of Herbs, it will be as follows:  (1 to 6 Herbs $35.00), (1 to 12 Herbs $55.00);    (1 to 20 Herbs $75.00).    Your reports will be completed within 24 hours or less. We will supply a form to be used for each one of your clients. Please have then write out, (not print), the following line and sign their first name (4) time and print it (1) time.

“The sly, quick, brown fox jumped over the lazy dog yesterday!”

Attached, you will find a blank form and a sample form. If there are any (question), please feel free to call us at any time. Please call 248-541-4412 for blank dosage forms.

  The (initial fee), every six months, also entitles you to know if in fact your client needs more of the Herbs, Vitamins they are taking or if it is time to stop.   Also, you can call us, when your client’s Herb is down to (1/3) of a bottle and we will let you know if your client has had enough of the Herb or should take another bottle.



One can pay by (PayPal), credit card, check or with cash. Our email is,   Phone 248-541-4412     Fax no. 248-629-9982

We thank you for considering using our service. 




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