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Graphoanalysis Concurs with                            
Freud’s Psychoanalysis and
takes its place with other
forms of Psychotherapy called

With all the stress and stressful situations that are about us,
don’t you think it is time to introduce to the populace ANY and ALL Good, “Right Now” Modalities that will do a job in terms of eliminating stress, both Personal and Job related? Inasmuch as this would be a “God Send” in itself, you are about to be exposed to just such a modality, one that will not only do the above, but will also reintroduce a person to one’s self, in terms of their personality and character traits, plus —

        When we look at stress from a personal aspect, we are talking about and have been working with the traits involved in the Boy/Girl stress situation, the Individual dealing with  Knowing himself in terms of his own person, sex life, sexuality, his mental/physical compatibility, his life as a single person and as a married person.

         When dealing with the stress aspect of Job related activities, we are concerned with these same traits, just mentioned above, in regards to one having been aware of them, such that one can acknowledge the necessity of being able to deal with whomever one is working with, as well as the conditions and the environment.

         Having some concept as to how one is Emotionally Attuned, one’s mental communicability, one’s faith in self, explorativeness, ability to get a job done, self starting abilities, just to mention a few traits one should be knowledgeable about as well as acknowledge, results in one being able to deal with both “personal stress” as well as “job related stress.’’

         People problems that are causing stress are being treated but not cured. Some are not even being treated. People are saying, I know I eat too much, smoke too much, drink too much — Am I depressed? People are saying, I need a new job, I need a promotion — Am I ready or qualified? People are saying, should I get engaged, should I get married, — Am I compatible? People are saying, should I separate, should I get a divorce? Is there  Some one  who is Unbiased I could talk to?

           Here again it’s not a “Believe it or not by Ripley type situation,” it’s a fact, these people, We , (Everyone ) needs this Modality. That Modality is Called Graphology, better known to some of the populace as Handwriting Analysis. It’s a fact:
When one has their Handwriting Analyzed, one’s strokes (graphological indicators) indicate one’s personality and character traits. These traits reveal, on an in-depth level, how you have been dealing with all of these situations such that once YOU Acknowledge Same YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE. 

         Handwriting Analysis has been with us since 1632, but because of OUR LACK of Knowledge of (same) some of us don’t know anything about this great Modality. Even those who have, haven’t been really been introduced to it in its Dynamic Form. As YOU Acknowledge Your Self upon being Reintroduced to self via Handwriting Analysis, and you do something about yourself, you will change your personality and character traits.

         When we do analysis for the populace, we can answer Particular Questions they might ask, in terms of what they might call a “Problem”, and we would call an “Unknowledgeable Situation.” The beautiful aspect of Graphology (Handwriting Analysis) is that it is a “Right Now” Modality, and we can answer one’s Questions or Reintroduce one to one’s self “Right Now” (you get answers right away). Either way the Answers will be in terms of one’s personality and character traits.

           Of course, an In-depth Analysis will take more time, but we are talking about Hours — not Weeks, Months or Years. It’s a fact that at this point and time in all of our lives; we all need this Modality, in that it is unobtrusive and deals with one’s subconscious mind. “You Are What You Write,” Handwriting (Graphology) is Brainwriting, and via same we can present to you the “You of You.” It’s a fact; “The Basic Truth in the Subconscious Speaks, as in the Act Of handwriting.”

         Graphoanalysis, which deals with the subconscious mind, concurs with Sigmund Freud’s Psychoanalysis invented in the 1890’s. Graphoanalysis reflects the subconscious mind in that the basic truth in the subconscious speaks when the conscious mind is off its guard, “AS IN THE ACT OF HANDWRITING.”

           Sigmund Freud found that hidden thoughts, the unconscious (which is also termed the subconscious) — shapes behavior, and childhood experiences with our parents create unconscious thoughts. By exposing your unconscious to you, Freudian analysis helps you to gain control over your behavior.

            Such is also true of Handwriting Analysis, or Graphoanalysis, in that it gives graphic indications or signs which reflect both your strengths and your weaknesses and many personality and character traits. These difficulties, traits are due to negative and positive attitudes, habits and responses one has acquired through the years, many of them going back to childhood. This knowledge once revealed, via Graphoanalysis, will start one on the road to effective self-analysis.






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