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If you are going through life’s translational situations and you would like to hear more about yourself, and find out, your STRESS, Depression Level, if in fact you have ADD, ADHD, BIPOLAR, BACTERIAL MENINGITIS, Lyme disease, PAPILLOMA VIRUS (HPV) conditions & or symptoms, dealing with Pre-Suicide tendencies, dealing with a Cancer or dialyses situation, Please let us be your third opinion!! We do a 7 hour assessment from your Handwriting, that lets us know what your total body is going though, and what Herbs you body needs for same!   Also, our 30 minute  Micro, Mini Handwriting Analysis over the phone, gives one the opportunity to be reintroduced to one’s self, such that you can experience your revelations, experience from your handwriting assessment. 

Micro, Mini Handwriting Analysis  (30 minutes $60.00 US dollars)    In-depth Mental, physical assessment with the 7 hour Testing $350.00; $750.00 plus the cost of the Herbs one's body calls for, needs.   (Herbs in all cases are extra!


Point of note:  You must choose your method of payment (complete same). Then scan and email or fax your Handwriting sample (please use Black ink, write, don't print.                                   


Please Write:       (Handwriting Sample)
               "Write: Handwriting tells 2,548 details!                                                                            
               The sly, quick, brown fox jumped over the lazy dog yesterday."

And, include your contact phone number) to or Fax to 1-248-543-4688. We will contact you within 1 hours or less, and give you your (on the phone Handwriting Analysis).

One can pay by (PayPal), credit card. Our email is,                                                     

Phone 248-541-4412     Fax no. 248-543-4688


We are available for Engagements, Lectures, Classes and Assessments.  Thank You!                                                                  




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